Visionary Concept

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Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt Ltd is a visionary concept to upgrade into a modern society or a community which enables for wholistic living that possesses good food, better health, the best education, balanced lifestyle and reduced stress to its members and their family.


Our existence is often in a space that does not cater to our physical well being. Be it our day to day activities or life. We are often compromising on the best way to live by allowing ourselves to be consumed with our daily work and routine.

At Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt Ltd we desire to change our life to a more natural and wholistic living where we are surrounded by nature where our whole self is benefitted.


Our 5 Aspects

Hygienic and Healthy Food

“You are what you consume.” Food consumption plays a vital role in keep us functioning to our fullest potential and helping us live long life. But often the food we eat is adulterated with chemicals and other toxins that affect our health.

At Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt Ltd we ensure that our members are given 5 star graded hygienic and healthy food that is grown in a natural environment.



Excellent Healthcare is at the core of everything we do, with the sudden changes in the environment and demanding lifestyle. healthcare becomes crucial to a person’s well being.

At Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt Ltd we acknowledge the need of every person based on their age and ensure that their healthcare needs are met promptly.



As the Old saying Goes, “Training a man how to fish is better than providing him a fish every day.” In other words, teaching a man how to earn his resource is better than providing one every day.

At Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt Ltd we believe education enables a person to build a productive, purposeful life and earn his own resource. We ensure that all our members get the best education possible from pre school to post graduate level.

Post education, we provide employment opportunities to our members to work within our society with a goal of giving back to society.


Quality Homes

“Home is where the heart is”

At Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt Ltd we envision building a villa style luxurious home that our members would take pride in calling their home. They will find their homes to be a place where they can come back to relax, rejuvenate, spend time with family and create memories that will last for a life time.


Nursing and Elderly Care

From an Infant to Elderly, nursing and good care is essential to a person’s well being. We do not believe in lacking care at infant stage or abandoning the elderly rather we believe in creating a society that caters to their well being.

At Aikya G1 Habitate Pvt Ltd we ensure that excellent nursing and elderly care is provided to all our members.