Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt Ltd is a visionary concept to upgrade into a modern society or a community which enables for wholistic living that possesses good food, better health, the best education, balanced lifestyle and reduced stress to its members and their family.

Our 5 Aspects

At Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt. Ltd, our motto is to uplift and follow our core 5 concepts and to create a holistic approach in the following 5 aspects.

Healthy and Hygenic Food

Food consumption plays a huge role in the overall well being and health. We ensure our members have access to naturally grown and hygienic foods.


Excellent healthcare is at the heart of everything we do to ensure our members have the best timely care and support.


Education unlocks a person’s potential to live a productive and purposeful life. So, from Pre School to Post Graduation, we’ve got you covered.

We emphasize that education is not just certificates but one that results in a real world knowledge, experience and application.

Quality Homes

At Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt Ltd, we envision to build luxurious villas homes that our members will be proud to call them their dream home.

Nursing and Elderly Care

Everyone deserves the best care, from a an infant to the elderly. We make sure that our members who are in need to get an excellent care and cooperation.


At Aikya G1 Habitate India Pvt. Ltd, we believe every opportunity, resource and time we have in precious
and so we must use it to produce something good for the society and its people.